mcgrid is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

MCgrid: Interpolation tools for NLO event generators

Change Log

MCgrid v2.0.2 changes 13/09/16

  • Fixed a critical bug in the KP term normalisation when subprocess ID is used

MCgrid v2.0.1 changes 20/07/16

  • Updated for Rivet 2.5.0 (removed boost dependence)

MCgrid v2.0 changes 02/03/16

  • Handling of the fixed-order modifications introduced by S-MC@NLO events
  • Support for fastNLO tables
  • Support for APPLgrid scale logarithm grids
  • Updated for SHERPA 2.2.1

MCgrid v1.2 changes - 16/10/14

  • Handling of more than one rivet analysis at once
  • Fixed compatibility issue with YODA 1.3.0
  • Fixed compatibility issue to APPLgrid 1.4.36

MCgrid v1.1 changes - 08/08/14

  • Updated subprocess scripts to work with SHERPA’s new sqlite database
  • Merged identifyComix and identifyAmegic scripts into one script
  • Added reference histogram fill for APPLgrid
  • Removed additional boost dependencies
  • Added BinnedGrid class for Rivet analyses with a BinnedHistogram
  • Updated for APPLgrid 1.4.56
  • Updated for SHERPA 2.1.0
  • Updated for Rivet 2.1.2

MCgrid v1.0.1 changes - 31/01/14

  • Fixed URL in mcgrid.pc
  • Added example HepMC record for CDF Z Rapidity analysis
  • Modified applgrid-test program to broaden compatibility with APPLgrid versions
  • Introduced epsilon for comparison of PDF $Q2$ with APPLgrid bin edges which enables running single-scale bins from HepMC records
  • Fixed typo in example makefile cxxflags → cppflags for LHAPDF

MCgrid v1.0 release version - 17/12/2013